Are you ready to P.A.I.N.T?

Are you ready to learn to paint with You Can Folk It
Learning to paint may have been a long held dream but does there always seem to be an obstacle in your way? 
Sometimes, as women, it can be difficult for us to put ourselves first especially when there seems so many things on our to do list. To put something we want to do like learning to paint, at the top (or even near the top) of that list can feel selfish.  We start worrying what others may think of us and suddenly, our mind thinks of many reasons why it's not the right time.  
This is so common for many of our beginner's but the thing we don't acknowledge or appreciate is that giving ourselves time to do something creative actually helps us in so many other areas of our lives.  Learning to paint is not just about learning brushstrokes; it is about becoming more mindful and taking the time to recharge the batteries.When we are deciding to do something new, we often only consider the activity itself. What we often ignore is the wider benefits, the other areas of our lives that it will boost. 
When we make the choice to learn to paint, we nurture our creativity.  Our creativity doesn't just stop with paints and brushes, it also encourages our creative thinking...our problem solving skills.  As we overcome each challenge we face as a beginner, we enjoy a wonderful sense of achievement. We learn how capable we are and our self esteem and self belief starts to improve. 
So when we are thinking of learning something new, we need to remember that being a beginner and learning a new skill like painting can have so many benefits, some of which we won't be aware of until we take the leap and begin.  
Until next time x 
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