Colour Collections To Inspire You

If you don't already know, over in the You Can Folk It shop, we have been stocking a few carefully curated colour collections for a while now. After the last lot disappeared quickly off our shelves, we are pleased to announce we have restocked!

As we mentioned last week, having to choose colours you want from a huge selection can be like a decision overload - we know it can be for us, especially when DecoArt Americana has such a beautiful range to choose from.

Even if you are lucky enough to have a huge selection at home, you often seem drawn to the same small group of colours. These colours will often be based around a theme we may have in our heads of what we want to evoke in our design, whether that be a feeling of summer, the cheeriness of Christmas or a step back in time.

To cover these bases we have created a couple of seasonal collections alongside a few of our favourites. Creating these collections is just another way we like to make life a little simpler for our customers.
Jewel Collection
 DecoArt Americana Jewel inspired collection available from You Can Folk It

We love pairing rich, sumptuous colours with an accent of warm glittering gold. Deep blue and purple contrast with a vibrant pink in this gorgeous group. We recently used a similar palette in our Mindful Brushstrokes.

Vintage Collection

DecoArt Americana Vintage Inspired collection

Vintage colour palettes are always making a comeback and we just love this collection of soft muted pastels. This is a perfect palette for a few painted flowers from our Masterclasses.

Spring Collection

DecoArt Americana Acrylic Spring collection available from You Can Folk It

Spring pastels are always a favourite at Folk It and they never fail to make us smile. We recently used a similar palette for a few Easter creations.

Summer Trio

DecoArt Americana Acrylic Summer trio from You Can Folk It

There's nothing better than cracking open a few summery colours to lift your mood. We love this bright and bold trio!

Neutrals Collection

DecoArt Americana Neutrals collection available from You Can Folk It

Neutrals are a great addition to any paint collection, so we have put together a gorgeous collection to help cover all bases. Whether you want to pair grey with an existing yellow, use the brown tones to paint one of our Teddy Bears or use them all together on a design, these colours work well together.

We hope you are as inspired by these wonderful collections as we are, we can't wait to get creating.

Until next time x
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