Are You Ready For Our Daisy Challenge?

Ok so it seems we blinked and it’s June already! That means our Beginner’s Masterclass is nearly 1 year old and what a year it has been. Whether you have had the Masterclass for nearly a year or only a few months, this weekend we thought we would create a little challenge for our Folkers.
As you may know, the Masterclass is jam packed full of designs and ideas, but that is not the limit to what you can create. In this blog, we want to help you take your daisy painting to the next level.
In our Daisy lesson, you will be familiar with creating our full and half daisy, but did you know that you can paint them in so many more ways? The great news is that to do this, you don’t need to learn any new brushstrokes or techniques, all you need is the knowledge of how to lay out the flower.
The look of your daisy can change dramatically, simply by changing the placement of the daisies yellow centre and whether you choose to paint straight or curved comma stroke petals (as Carol demonstrates in the video below).
As you are taught on page 3 of the Masterclass, wherever you place the flower's centre, your petals should always radiate from that centre point. To get you started we have created a template for you to try out a few different types of daisies on your own.
Daisy journal
1. By placing the centre of the flower towards the top and using curved comma strokes, you can create this droopy daisy.
2. Try painting the comma strokes to the left hand side and elongating the centre comma strokes for this beautiful daisy.
3. Here, we created a daisy similar to the one from our workbook but kept the comma strokes short.
4. Vary the number of petals you use in your daisy. By using fewer strokes and a large centre, you create variety in the blooms.
5. Here, we added more petals but kept them short and did not vary the length.
As you can see, changing the amount of petals, length and shape, you can create a wide variety of daisies as we did in our video. 

Painted daisy journal and paintbrush
We do hope you enjoy taking your painting skills from the Masterclass a step further with this daisy challenge. If you share your work on social media, we would love it if you tag us so we can celebrate this next step with you. 
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