I started painting. This is what I noticed...

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When your purchase your Beginners Masterclass, you get access to our fabulous Beginners community on Facebook. This is a great place to share your progress, chat and ask questions. Last week, we asked our students about their experiences now they have been painting regularly since they signed up for our 12 week Progress not Perfection course.  Here's what they had to say.... 

I noticed how quickly time passes

When our students are starting their painting journey, we recommend committing 2 hours a week or 20 minutes a day to their painting practice. When we are thinking about doing that, 20 minutes can feel like a long time when we have a to do list to get through.  When we sit down though, that time can pass by in the blink of an eye! 

I noticed a big improvement in my painting

Painting regularly really helps improve your skills - even if you can't see the improvement straight away.  Folk Art Painting is a skill based art meaning that anyone can paint this way if they learn how to hold and move the brush in the right way.  They aren't the only ones who see an improvement though - when we compare their assignments we can see big improvements in just a few short weeks. 

I noticed that my headspace was more calm and my painting practice was becoming more confident

Painting can have a big impact on our mental health as it directs our focus on to creating the brushstrokes.  As we have to slow down the brush and give it time to create the brushstroke our mind slows down too.  Many of our students have told us how painting has helped them through depression, stress, PTSD and more recently helped them cope with periods of isolation & quarantine. 

I noticed that I feel happier

As we practice more and see an improvement in our skills, our confidence grows and this has an impact on our happiness.  Taking time out for ourselves can be hard at first but learning that we deserve some me time to do something we have long wanted to do can only increase our positivity and happiness levels.  

I noticed I was addicted

When we see what we can create and we realise we CAN actually paint, it's easy to become addicted to the feeling painting gives us.  Suddenly, everything around us becomes a potential painting project if it sits still long enough ;) 

I noticed that the more I practice and apply it the better I get

Practice really is the key with Folk Art painting.  Once you have learnt how to hold and move the brush to create the brushstrokes, even if you don't paint for a long while, your body and muscles will not forget how to paint. 

I noticed the ironing piling up and I can't remember where I left the vacuum cleaner! 

Isn't this the truth! Suddenly, we just want 5 more minutes to paint and enjoy the mindfulness and calm it brings....housework can wait ;) 

How will you complete this sentence? 

Until next time x 


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