Our "Progress Not Perfection" Painting Challenge

Julia Cameron quote - progress not perfection
A few months ago we talked about the importance of community and having a supportive group when we are embarking on something new. Making the decision to learn to paint can be exciting but the thought of starting something new can also make you feel nervous and unsure. Knowing you are walking that journey alongside other beginner's can be a comfort and having the opportunity to chat can help you feel less alone.
When we began our creative community, over on Facebook, so many members told us how much they loved the Masterclass but had not started the lessons or had only completed a few. We get it! When we get something new, we are so excited. It arrives and we suddenly feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start, or we start and get discouraged - because we aren't progressing fast enough or we find it difficult to motivate ourselves and make time.
So...we want to help! On Monday 13th September 2021, we are starting the first of our new 'Progress Not Perfection 12 Week Painting Challenge".
Created for anyone who has bought our Beginner's Masterclass, we have structured the challenge over 12 weeks so we can guide you through the lessons and bring you together with other beginners. Those who join our 12 week challenge will benefit from live sessions with Carol, weekly emails to keep you on track and enjoy being a part of our Beginner's group.
If you haven't got your Beginner's Masterclass yet, don't worry there's still time! If you have started your Masterclass and would like to get your hands on a new workbook or would like to invite a friend to learn with you, we've also got a few special offers for everyone signed up to the "Progress not Perfection" challenge.
We cannot wait to welcome you to the challenge next week.
Until next time x
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