Sharing our Students' Festive favourites

'Tis that magical time of year once more, where we find ourselves eagerly planning what delightful gifts to bestow upon our cherished loved ones this Christmas. We can't help but feel the bubbling excitement of the festive spirit in the air.

Our beginner painters have been crafting with Christmas in mind and embraced the confidence to breathe life into their own ideas. The result? Hand-painted projects that are nothing short of breathtaking, worlds away from mass-produced counterparts.

You see, our painting courses aren't just about teaching techniques; they're about kindling a deep affection for the art of painting and helping our students unearth their artistic abilities. From grasping the ABC's of brushwork to mastering full designs, our courses have transformed them into the painters they once dreamed of being. 

We couldn't wait to share their ideas with you all.   Each student may have completed the same lessons, yet every piece radiates their unique personality and style.

Hand painted card created using our wreath design - You Can Folk It painting course for beginners
Nikki has been busy painting lots of beautiful cards and notes for others

We absolutely adore how she's sprinkled a touch of sparkle onto our wreath design. Pairing it with some lovely hand lettering gives it that final touch of holiday magic.

Handpainted gift bags - You Can Folk It
We've fallen in love with the rustic charm of brown paper this Christmas, and these gift bags are simply perfect for a personal touch. Karen has worked her magic, decorating each one with a unique design ready for the festive season.
Handmade Christmas Cards featuring designs from the You Can Folk It Beginners painting course
The magic of painting, of the brushstrokes used in Folk Art is that we learn them through repetition to help us build that muscle memory.  This means that even when we don't paint for a while, we never forget how to move the brush.  After a bit of a break from painting Joy has picked up her paints and brushes again for this Christmas and has created some beautiful bauble cards we know her family and friends will love. 
Merry Christmas greetings card - You Can Folk It painting course
Once you've mastered the strokes and designs taught in our Masterclass, the creative possibilities are endless. Carole is a shining example, adding a dash of vibrancy to her holly wreath with some stunning pivot stroke flowers. We're always inspired by the ingenious ideas our students bring to life!
Painted wreath and holly greetings cards - hand painted with designs from You Can Folk It

What do you do when one wreath just isn't enough? You add another! That's exactly what Emily did when she crafted this magnificent card. From the fluffy foliage to the exquisite holly leaves and the charming envelope details, she's created a card that's bound to fill the recipient with love and warmth this Christmas.

With every project featured here, it's easy to see the immense love and thought that went into each project. The beauty of handmade items like these is that they hold immense value for those who receive them. Recipients know the care, time, and effort poured into their creation.

We hope this inspires you to infuse a bit of creativity into your holiday season. Let's break the mold of typical gifts and offer our loved ones a piece of our hearts, a hand-painted creation that embodies the very essence of this joyful season.

As our students have demonstrated, the Beginners Masterclass is a gateway to a world of boundless creative possibilities. So, if you're looking to gift the spirit of creativity this Christmas, why not explore our award-winning "Progress not Perfection" painting course? It could be the perfect gift for someone special!

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