Spread A Little Joy This Christmas

We love using our painting skills for a good cause and this month we will be hand painting some letters and cards to send to those more vulnerable and isolated than ourselves. We hope you will join us in reaching out to others this festive season. No matter how much we are looking forward to the end of the year and to saying goodbye to 2020, Christmas is going to be strange for so many reasons. With so many of us still dealing with lockdowns, restrictions and isolation, what is often a lonely time for so many people will be even more challenging.
Close up of a handwritten letter and fountain pen nib - photo from Pixabay 777546
As so many charities are calling out for people to reach out to others, to make a connection, especially this year. We do not know yet what the future holds for festive get togethers, but we do know that it will be different and difficult for so many.
Over the course of this year, we have eased the disconnection by making the use of technology to keep in touch - for work and to contact loved ones, but nothing can replace the joy of a card or letter hitting the doormat. Maybe it is because of the extra effort required to write and send a letter compared to the instantaneous nature of a text. Maybe it is the extra thought we put into what to write, the vulnerability that comes with writing a letter that we don't get to express on social media. Maybe it is a reminder of slower times, a chance to feel nostalgic about the way things used to be.
Brown kraft card handpainted with purple flowers around the edge. "Just a note" is handwritten in the centre in black
Whatever the reason, receiving happy mail from anyone is a reason to smile. This year, we thought we would create a variety of hand painted Christmas cards to send thoughtful messages to our loved ones that we may not get to see and also to write to the more vulnerable communities.
Care homes and charities around the UK (and the world) are asking for help from the public to send letters and cards to strangers to help ease the loneliness especially at a time when they cannot see loved ones. 
Brown doormat covered with mail. On the top is a white envelope hand painted with tiny roses and leaves.
So we hope you will join us in reaching out to others within the community over the next few months. Write a letter or post a card through their letterbox and let them know that someone cares.
So many care homes and charities are asking for help in local areas, but here are a few larger organisations around the world that we found:
Letters Against Isolation 
Write On 
One letter, One Smile
Love For Our Elders
If you know of anywhere in your area requesting letters and cards, please feel free to add links in the comments section below.
Until next time x
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