Summer Strawberries

It's strawberry season here in the UK and we love it. So many of you are out and about picking strawberries and there is nothing that evokes summer more for us than these gorgeous fruits.
This week we thought we would bring you a little inspiration from Lesson 4 in our Intermediate Masterclass. In this lesson we teach you a new technique to create highlights and shading to help you create the juiciest looking strawberries. This lesson also shows you how to develop the pivot stroke flower from our Beginner's Masterclass to paint the delicate flowers that eventually grow into strawberries.  
Here's a few projects from us and our customers that we love this week.
Strawberry and blossom painting on a black painting journal
Once you have learnt how to paint the strawberries and blossoms in Lesson 4, head to the back of the Intermediate Workbook for more designs, including this one.
Hand painted strawberry card
Some of the designs we have included in the Intermediate Workbook fit perfectly on to our square mount boards. Teresa has paired her painting with stamps here to create a beautiful greetings card.
Strawberry and blossom wreath
Why not create a wreath with the strawberries? Just draw a circle template and add 3 or 5 strawberries around the line before filling with your favourite flowers like this one from At The Painting Table.
Strawberry and flower design
The lesson that inspired it all. We pulled this practice board out of the archives to inspire Lesson 4 in our Masterclass.
Handpainted planter and heart from Rachel at Crafty Folk
We love the vintage look Rachel has created here by painting the strawberry design onto a beautiful blue.
If you feel inspired to paint a few strawberries this week, tag us in your photos so we can enjoy them.
Until next time x
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