The Importance Of A Creative Community

Beginner's Masterclass Community banner decorated with Folk Art Flowers
This week, we moved our Beginner's Community over to Facebook. After all this time, you'll be forgiven for wondering why have we done this now.
In the past, most of our kits have consisted of a very small number of lessons.  Then suddenly, our Masterclass came into the world, and with it over 10 lessons covering flowers, teddies, foliage and much more. The thought of learning all these designs is exciting, but it can also feel daunting. This is one of the reasons why we felt that creating a community would help. Being part of a group who are all starting their painting journey can help us feel less alone and motivate us.
By creating this group, we hope that our painters can chat and share their experiences. It is a safe space to share practice pages and ask for advice and tips. We hope that it will be a place for each painter to learn from each others, a place to ask questions before gaining the confidence to move to the Intermediate Masterclass.
This group isn't just for you and our other beginner painters, it is also for us. Even in this first week, we have loved running our first of many live sessions, chatting to our customers and being able to better support you all on your painting journeys. So, if you have purchased our Beginner's Masterclass recently, head over to our You Can Folk It Beginner's Masterclass Painting Community, answer the three questions and join this amazing group.
See you there! x

Beginner quote - no one starts off being excellent

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