Beautiful Snowdrop Projects To Try This January

So, we recently showed you how to use comma strokes to create pretty snowdrops, but in this blog post we are ready to take it one step further.
Grab your paints and brushes and read on to be inspired with these three winter favourites.
Project 1 Snowdrop Heart
Snowdrop card - hand painted snowdrops on a grey heart mounted on white hammered card
Our mount board hearts make it so easy to create a quick gift tag or card and in our Masterclass for Beginners Carol has designed many of the patterns to fit the shapes we stock. This elegant heart shaped design is no different.
You can find the pattern for this simple design here. Once you have transferred your design onto the heart, you are ready to paint.
Using your Liner Brush or No 2 Round Brush, paint the stems and leaves (as shown in our earlier tutorial) in colour Hauser Light Green.
Taking care not to smudge these brushstrokes (we've all been there!) using a No 3 Round Brush and colour Snow (Titanium) White, paint the petals.  
Using the smaller end of your dotting tool, dot the Snow White around the stems.
Project 2: Snowdrop Garden Card
Handpainted greetings card featuring a snowdrop garden and "Just a note"
For this design, we adapted the Spring garden design from our Masterclass for Beginner Painters.
Begin by stippling the bottom half of your mount board heart using colour Hauser light Green (or any green you have to hand). Next, add a layer of stippling in a darker green - we used colour Avocado.
Using your Liner Brush, add small snowdrops across the grass. Finish by adding dotty daisies using the smaller end of your dotting tool.
If you would like to add writing to your heart as we have done, using your Liner Brush, paint your words then, using the smaller end of your dotting tool at the ends of the letters (a full tutorial for this can be found in Lesson 13 'Peace and Love' tutorial in our Beginners Masterclass. 
Project 3: Snowdrop Wreath
Hand painted snowdrop wreath
You can find the pattern for this unique Snowdrop wreath here.
If you do not wish to use the pattern, or wish to change the size yourself, to create this wreath we used a compass to draw out two circles. We then drew the 'walking stick' shaped stalks all the way around each circle alternating the direction they drooped. 
Once you have transferred/drawn out your pattern, using your Liner Brush, paint the stalks and leaves in your chosen green (we chose colour Hauser Light Green yet again). Next, paint the petals in Snow (Titanium) White.  
Note: you may wish to use a hair dryer between each step to speed up the drying process and prevent smudges.
Using the larger end of your dotting tool, add dotty daisies around the wreath, then, using the smaller end of the dotting tool, finish with trio's of dots around the design.
We do hope you have found something here to inspire you and if you share your work on social media, please tag us so we can enjoy them too.
Until next time x 
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