Painting Easter Eggs Is Not Just For Kids!

This week, we have been turning our attention to Easter. After receiving a few ceramic eggs from a friend who had no use for them, we got out our paints and brushes and had a little fun. Although we were lucky to be gifted these, you can get similar ones from places like Baker Ross or Amazon.
Ceramic rabbit sat next to four handpainted plain ceramic eggs in different colours

Begin by base coating your eggs. As you know we love a chalky finish paint but this time we opted to base coat them with DecoArt Americana Acrylic. Make sure when base coating to paint one half at a time and have a bottle lid or something similar to stand the eggs in to prevent them rolling around or falling over. (Top Top: We love a hair dryer to help speed up the drying process). 

NOTE: It does take a while to get to grips with how to handle these and paint them to prevent smudges. Patience and a hair dryer were our best friends! Our top tip is to paint in sections and if you are painting more than one, leave one section to dry while you move on to another egg.  

We hope these inspire you this Spring :)
Blossom Egg

Ceramic egg hand painted with forget me not style flowers using the blossom painting tutorial from You Can Folk It's Folk Art masterclass for Intermediate painters
Ok, so this egg is actually more of a forget-me-not covered egg. However, all we did to create these forget-me-nots was blend a blue with white. We created the blossom flowers from our Strawberry lesson which is included in our Masterclass For Intermediate Painters. Once they were dry, we used our liner brush and short brushstrokes to add yellow before finishing with a white and black centre.  
Floral Bud Egg
 Ceramic easter egg hand painted with delicate flowers from You Can Folk It's painting masterclass for beginner painters

These beautiful buds are taught in our Hindeloopen Lesson as part of our Beginners Masterclass. Using our liner brush, we painted them around the egg in no particular pattern. 
Rose Covered Egg

Hand painted vintage rose covered ceramic egg for easter - one of the painting tutorials from You Can Folk It's Masterclass for Intermediate painters
We couldn't create a set of eggs for Easter with out including our roses. A favourite of ours and our customers, this egg looks gorgeous in a variety of muted pinks. If you haven't seen our Intermediate Masterclass that contains this fantastic tutorial, you can find it here.
Daisy Egg
 Ceramic easter egg painted in blue and hand painted with daisies from You Can Folk It's painting masterclass for beginner painters

After base coating this last ceramic egg in blue, we decided to cover it in daisies (from the Beginners Masterclass). From open blooms and droopy daisies, to dot daisies, they were all going on this one!
A trio of easter eggs hand painted with designs from You Can Folk It
Have a go at painted these eggs at home yourself and let us know which design is your favourite!
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