Have You Ever Wanted To Paint?

Have you ever wanted to paint but never thought it was possible for you? Have you felt that you were never creative enough or worried you wouldn’t be good enough even if you tried?

We did too.

The thing is, everyone is born with a spark of creativity and without it we would not survive. We need our creative thinking skills and determination to learn and grow. The problem is that sometimes that spark is not nurtured as we get older and we let ourselves and others tell us we aren’t creative or we compare ourselves to those around us.

Sometimes it can be difficult to see past those beliefs, thoughts and other people’s words, but we know from experience that those thoughts and words aren’t true. Now we are passionate about showing everyone that they can pick up a paintbrush and learn to paint.

You Can Folk It Masterclass workbook and online videos playing on the iPad so you can watch and paint  

If you have ever looked at a paintbrush or painting and thought 'I wish I could do that' - the great news is that you can. One of the things we love about Folk Art painting is that there is a process and a system that guides you slowly through your painting journey. First you learn the brushstrokes and techniques, before you learn how to combine them to create a variety of beautiful designs.
We understand how scary starting something new and creative can be, so we designed our painting masterclasses to guide you through each lesson with easy to follow online lessons, step by step templates and full colour examples, so you never feel alone in your journey.

However, that is only the beginning. When we first discovered Folk Art painting, we just thought we were learning so we could decorate everything! What we didn't anticipate was the sense of peace we felt when we began to paint. Painting was the challenge we never knew we needed and the sense of achievement it gave us was a delightful surprise. We will be forever grateful for all of the tough times and situations it got us through and those doubts and voices that we had from the past got quieter as we realised we COULD actually paint - And so can you!

I never lose. I either win or learn. Nelson Mandela
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