Painted bluebell heart from You Can Folk It next to a paintbrush and bluebells

How to paint bluebells with You Can Folk It - Beginners Masterclass tutorial

Bluebells are one of our favourite flowers so we thought we would create an easy to follow tutorial for you.  
We say it all the time but the brushstrokes we teach you in the Beginners Masterclass are so versatile. Yes, those four brushstrokes can help you paint 15 different lessons in the course itself but that is just the beginning.  We are so excited to share this new design created using the techniques and brushes from the Beginners Masterclass.  
For this tutorial we used: 
Medium liner brush 
No 3 Round Brush 
DecoArt Americana Acrylic in: 
Colonial Blue 
Dioxazine Purple
You Can Folk It Mountboard shapes 
Charcoal heart 
Light Sage Green circle 
Note: If you have the Primary colours from our Intermediate course, you could absolutely mix your own with the knowledge you have gained from the colour theory lessons from the masterclass.  
Overhead photo of a sketchbook with painted bluebell flowers and notes. This notebook is laid next to bluebells and a paintbrush
 Every good tutorial begins with some experimenting.  We played around with different ways to capture the elements of this beautiful flower but once again we were reminded of the purpose of Folk Art. This centuries old style of painting was never created to be realistic but a way to capture the essence of flowers in a simple form.  As a result, we opted for the first design we painted.  
This flower is very similar to our tulips we have painted in the past. The key to the bluebell however is to flip them upside down and exaggerate the curls at the bottom of each comma stroke. 
Black painting journal painted with the different brushstrokes used to paint bluebells
Curling the ends of your strokes may take more practice but they are worth it.  
Overhead image of a handpainted bluebell card surrounded by bluebells, a paintbrush and note book 
 For the first design, we adapted our snowdrop design.  Using our liner brush, we painted the stems and leaves around the heart before adding the bluebells.  If you would like to paint this design, you can save the design here
Overhead image of our handpainted bluebell wreath mounted on to a card. This is laid next to DecoArt Americana acrylics and paintbrushes
Next, we created a Bluebell wreath.  When you paint this design, you can extend this circular pattern by adding more flowers around the circle.  When you paint this design, the wreath can look like it is not going to create a circle.  Trust the process. The magic happens when you add the leaves and details which brings them all together into the wreath pattern you see here.  
If you can't wait to paint this design, save the pattern here. 
What do you think of this design? If you paint these, please tag us in your social media posts so we can share them.  We cannot wait to see what you create.  
Until next time x 


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