Mindful Patterns For You To Try

Recently, we talked about the benefits of adding a mindful practice into our lives and how the idea of mindfulness influenced how we designed our Masterclass. When we wrote those posts, we had such fun using our brushstrokes to create new and exciting patterns. The relaxation of painting the same brushstroke over and over again was just wonderful. It was because of this that we revisited this idea again this week to indulge in a little fun. Here was the result....
An Explosion Of Brushstrokes
Working from the centre, we painted straight brushstrokes to the edge of the paper, alternating between darker and lighter shades of blue.
Mindful brushstroke pattern in blues
Lovely Lines
Here, we chose reds, oranges and yellows to create this design. Using a ruler we drew guides before painting rows of straight comma strokes. To see the process video, click here.
Comma stroke brushstroke pattern
Pivot Flower Patterns
Grabbing a piece of practice paper, we picked up our Luxe Flat Brush and kept painting the same flower over and over again before adding the leaves. This is a great way to build muscle memory and you are left with a lovely patterned piece for your efforts. Watch the process video here.
Purple blossom folk art flower pattern painted on to black practice paper
There is a lot to be said for repetitive painting practice, letting your brush move and your mind wander. We have even got a Pinterest Board dedicated to brushstroke patterns and mark making to inspire. If you have a go at it, please share your experience with us, you know we love to get feedback :)
Until next time x
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