Introducing Our Brand New Masterclass

As Christmas fast approaches, I have already received my Christmas wish - the release of our second Masterclass. At the beginning of this year, the vision I had for the Beginners Masterclass was in my head and beginning to take shape in an old workbook. To sit here in December after releasing the Intermediate Painters Masterclass feels nothing short of miraculous, especially when they have taken shape during a pandemic, a variety of lockdowns and a number of disruptions to suppliers.
Front cover of the Folk Art Painting Masterclass for Intermediate painters
This Intermediate Masterclass does not forget all the skills that you learned throughout the Beginners masterclass. Instead, it reinforces those brushstrokes and teaches you how to develop them to refine your skills and paint a range of new designs.
Vintage roses from the Folk Art painting masterclass for Intermediate painters
One of the best and most valuable lessons I learned as a student was colour mixing. I wanted to bring that knowledge into this Masterclass because I know that by learning how to mix colours and understanding the Ives Colour Wheel, you can create so many colours to fall in love with, all the while getting so much more out of your paints. I hope you will enjoy mixing all the colours required throughout this course using the 6 colours in the set.
It also introduces you to new brushes  (the Angle Brush and the Rake Brush) and new brush strokes teaching you about the effects they create and how to use them successfully. I wanted to create easy to follow lessons using these brushes to teach you some more of my favourite techniques and designs - from painting delicious looking strawberries, fluffy looking teddy bears to Father Christmas and beautiful delicate Pansies.  
You Can Folk It Masterclass for Intermediate Painters
My aim with this new masterclass is that every painter who completes it will have a solid foundation and comprehensive knowledge of Folk Art painting while having a whole lot of fun learning. It doesn't matter how you intend to use your painting skills in the end, I just hope you fall in love with the journey.
I can't wait to hear your feedback and see your creations. Remember to tag us in your posts across social media.
Until next time, 
Carol x 
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