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In June we created the Daisy Challenge, giving you a few additional ideas to develop the lesson in our Beginner's Masterclass. This month we have decided to focus on Lesson 12 - Our Topiary and Wreath Lesson.
This lesson is the first one in the course to focus on the fantastic effects you can create with a Deerfoot brush. This brush sometimes known as a 'Stipple brush' is great at creating foliage and grass and the effect of fur (as we teach you in our Teddy lesson).

So if you have completed Lesson 12 in the Masterclass, why not try these next steps for a little challenge?
Work with the shape of your mount board.
Wreath heart

As with all of our lessons in our Masterclasses, the techniques you learn can be adapted to create new designs. To create this heart wreath, we drew a guide inside the heart shape and painted the wreath as normal.  

Thank you card

Working with a mount board shape like this does not always mean creating heart shapes though. Sometimes it just means that you can adapt the design like we have here. Our Spring Garden template from this lesson is perfect for a straight edge, but it also works beautifully on a heart or circle too. It often creates more of an impact because it isn't expected.
Add in a few flowers.
Circle wreath with dotty roses
Our wreath design is perfect for a Christmas card, but what about the rest of the year? Swap out the berries for a few of the dot roses that we teach you to paint in this lesson.... or dot daisies. Combine the techniques you have learnt throughout the Masterclass to create something you love.
Add new elements.
Rainbow spring garden design adapted from our Beginners Masterclass
Don't be afraid to add new elements to the design. Here, we took our Spring Garden design and added a rainbow. (To do this we used a compass and painted it using a liner brush). We also added some liner brush mini daisies to the garden.

Why not add a dragonfly into the mix from Lesson 8? 

Play with different colours

Bright wreath inspired by a bright peacock style paint palette

We recently showed you how to create wreaths with a spring and autumn palette but why not let your imagination run wild? Here were used a vibrant palette of blues and pinks with a splash of gold to create an eye catching design. 

Use the techniques in a completely different way

Foliage swags with ribbons

Once you have learned the techniques from the lesson, you can experiment with them to create something new.  Here, using the deerfoot brush, we created dot rose garlands and added the ribbons from lesson 10 in the Beginner's Masterclass.  

We hope we have inspired you to get creative and play with the wreath and topiary lesson.  We often have people asking if they can recreate the designs they see on our social media and blog and our answer to that is ABSOLUTELY! Our aim at You Can Folk It is to teach you how to paint and to inspire you to take those skills further.  When you have a go, tag us in your projects so we can enjoy them too!

Until next time x 
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