Our Masterclass Is Just The Beginning...

Although our Masterclasses are filled with designs and inspiration, there is no limit to the ways you can play with them. As you become more comfortable with the brushstrokes and techniques within each lesson, playing with different paint colours, different design ideas and different backgrounds can open up a whole world of possibility for your painting. This blog captures just a few of the different ideas you can mix and match to create something special.
Play With Different Colours 
Wreath trio
When you are painting, it is great to be able to change the colours to suit a season or event - and to send secret messages as we showed in our recent rose and daisy blogs. One of the designs we love to play around with is our wreath. In our Beginner’s Masterclass, we teach you how to layer colours and create a festive wreath, but change your colours for an Autumn wreath or choose pastel colours more of a Spring look.
Play With Different Backgrounds
Same colour and design, different looks
In our Intermediate Masterclass we teach you more about colour theory and how different colours can be paired so they can bring out the best in each other, but that isn’t the end of the story. We recently shared these two daisy projects on social media. We painted this beautiful daisy design on to our Dark Sage and French Blue Mount Board Shapes using exactly the same paint palette. As we painted the Dark Sage circle, we thought it was a clear winner in our hearts…. until we painted the blue. We forgot to adopt a Beginner’s Mindset and let go of expectations and we were pleasantly surprised!
Play With Different Styles And Techniques 
Playing with different strokes and techniques
There are so many ways to paint a flower in Folk Art painting and you can mix and match the techniques to create something new. In our recent daisy challenge, we showed you the different ways that you can paint a daisy. Try out different ones and see what you prefer - the droopy daisies? The Gerbera style with straight petals? Do you like to layer your brushstrokes as we did in the yellow daisy above? (a little technique taken from our Canal Art Roses in the Intermediate Masterclass).
Play With Different Designs
Valentine's trio - different rose patterns
There is a wealth of different designs in both our Masterclasses but after you become more confident with your brushstrokes, you may want to try creating your own designs. Here, we placed our roses in three different ways on our heart mount board to create different looks. If you don’t feel ready just yet to try designing your own patterns, why not try one of ours from our Pinterest patterns board?
During your painting time this week, take some time to play with ideas, you may be surprised what you create.
Until next time x
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