Progress Not Perfection

We have talked over the last few months about the different fears and thoughts that can hold us back from learning to paint and how difficult it can be to feel brave enough to take that leap to truly become a beginner again. These doubts and fears that we won't be as good as other people, that we won't succeed has more recently been coined as "Imposter Syndrome".
Since the naming of this internal experience, it has been discussed more openly on social media and has given many of us pause to realise that we aren't alone, that others feel the same too. In fact, the more we come together, the weaker those feelings seem to get.
This is one of the reasons why we have added a brand new "Progress Not Perfection" Community over on Facebook for all of our Beginner painters. We know that sometimes, once the excitement of receiving your Masterclass has worn off, it is common to feel like you can't get started, to lose your motivation and to let those doubts resurface.
We are here to remind you however that you absolutely can do this, and that you are as capable as everyone else to be creative. Our "Progress Not Perfection" Community is a space where we can come together to cheer each other on and where you can ask us questions when you are feeling stuck and get inspiration.
Daisy cards - four daisy flowers painted on blue, mounted onto black card.
That's not all though. We want you to get as much out of your Masterclass as possible so we will also be adding extra tutorials to your dashboard to help you build your skills. We have started by adding the daisy challenge we announced last week and we will be adding more daisy inspiration very soon. Our Masterclass is just the beginning of your painting journey and if you don't feel ready for the Intermediate Masterclass, these lessons will be a great source of inspiration to help you develop your skills even further.
Until next time x
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