The power of patience

We often say here at You Can Folk It that there is power in practice but the same can also be said for patience.   In today's world, we have slowly grown used to instant gratification haven’t we? 

We love a good hack, a quick fix and instant satisfaction. However, although instant gratification may seem tempting, a lot can be said for prioritising the process of learning and our long term goals to enjoy the rewards that await in the journey itself.

Imagine if everything we did gave us immediate results, it sounds lovely in theory but wouldn’t we start taking everything for granted?  For example, when we start learning to paint, if we picked up the brush and knew exactly what to do to paint beautiful brushstrokes, would you truly feel a sense of accomplishment? If everything came easily, how would we cope when we had to face setbacks in some part of our lives? 

Black card hand painted with lace from the You Can Folk It Beginners Masterclass

As one of our students recently wrote, “Sometimes the magic takes a little longer” 

Whenever we learn anything new, whether it is how to paint flowers or how to speak a foreign language, our learning journey will involve setbacks and challenges BUT…it will also bring a deep sense of fulfilment and determination.  

It is this process that is the key to success, without these ups and downs we would not build the resilience and perseverance we need in life. We would not have half of the problem solving skills creativity helps us to develop.  Our painting journey also holds other rewards too; it brings us feelings of anticipation, excitement and empowerment as we see our skills and brushstrokes are developing…all feelings we were familiar with in childhood and rediscovering that holds a sense of magic within itself! 

Seeing those perfect brushstrokes on the first try may sound lovely and offer immediate satisfaction, but it will fail to deliver the lasting fulfilment and personal growth that comes from the process of learning.  Enjoying our practice sessions and developing patience all help us to unlock our full potential and embrace the deep sense of satisfaction comes with meaningful achievement. So, the next time you are feeling frustrated and wishing your brushstrokes could just be perfect, take a moment and embrace the power of patience, the power of delayed gratification and know this is all part of the wonderful adventure of learning to paint. 

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