The Secret Language Of Daisies

Believed to be over 4000 years old, daisies - the "day's eye" open in the morning and close at night. The name conjures images of the tiny flowers clustered in fields and meadows with their bright yellow centres and thin white petals. For Pagans they symbolise the sun because of their beautiful appearance. For many others, just as we associate the red rose with love and romance, we associate  daisies with childhood.
This association is not only because many of us have tried our hands at making daisy chains when we were younger, but also because according to the Secret Language of Flowers, daisies are a symbol of innocence and purity. Back in the Victorian era if you gave daisies as a gift it signified that you hoped the recipient will see the world as they did when they were a child.
These simple and rather modest flowers also symbolise soulmates and a sense of deep harmony, so to send them to a loved one sends a secret message of happiness, loyalty and contentment.
As they arrive in the spring, they are a sign of hope and new beginnings. White daisies are a beautiful flower to give to new parents (check out the daisy and lavender bouquet we painted for Mother's Day) and were often a flower used to decorate new baby gifts.
In the Daisy Challenge we recently added to our new Beginner's Masterclass Community, we have been showing you how to vary the position and appearance of your daisies. Here we also have a little colour inspiration from the Secret Language Of Flowers.
Yellow daisies design painted on to a black mount board heart
Paint a few yellow daisies - These sunny flowers are the perfect flower to paint for a true friend. Symbolising friendship, joy and happiness, they will send positive energy to anyone who receives them.
Pink daisies
Paint a few pink daisies - Pink daisies communicated feelings of love and gentleness in the secret language of flowers. Pink flowers in general were a symbol of grace, admiration and respect. They also represent feminine energy and so are a beautiful flower to gift to a valued female friend.
Paint a few red daisies - Just like other red flowers, red daisies are a symbol of passion and devotion but also of unrecognised beauty.
Purple daisies on Light Stone heart mounted onto a square card
Paint a few purple daisies - To give purple Gerbera daisies is to praise the beauty and elegance of the recipient. To send purple daisies can also represent thoughtfulness, they are a message that you have been thinking about that person and wanted to bring them daisies because you wanted to bring some cheer to their lives.
How will you paint your daisies?
Tag us in your painting this week, we can't wait to see all your creations.
Until next time x
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